Often, when one thinks of compounding a drug for a child, one thinks of the changing or the adding of a flavor to a medication in order to make it more palatable for the child.

However, in addition to flavoring, pediatric drug compounding has many additional facets.

Frequently, a particular drug that has been prescribed for a young child is available only in tablet or capsule form. Such formats are often difficult for the child to swallow. TriState Compounding can readily change the format of the drug to a liquid or chewable form.

A child's weight can also be a problem. Drug strengths frequently need to be scaled down in order to provide the proper dose of the drug for the child. Breaking a tablet into some fractional size is not only difficult, but it can also result in giving the child a dose of medication that could either be too high or too low. Fractionating the dose of a drug contained in a capsule at home is fraught with danger.

Tri-State Compounding Pharmacy can easily prepare the exact dose of a drug for a child.

New drug delivery systems are being developed for children. For example, anti-emetics for the management of motion sickness can be compounded in the form of a transdermal gel that is dispensed in a graduated syringe and applied to the child's wrist, thus providing easy administration with the elimination of undesirable side effects.

Tri-State Compounding Pharmacy can provide a variety of prescription, compounded drugs for infants and children.