Cast/Bandage Covers comes in arm or leg to wear while you shower to keep the cast or bandage dry.

Skin Sleeves for the leg or arm to prevent skin tears on elderly patients.

Shoe Covers to put over regular shoes in 2 sizes - large and extra large.

Toothettes and Lemon Glycerin Swabs to swab out the mouth.

Cotton Gloves in 4 sizes - small to extra large. Great to wear at night with our No Crack lotions.

No Crack cream is a wonderful hand or foot cream for dry, cracked skin.

Biofreeze is a cold therapy pain relief (comes in a gel, spray and roll on). Great for arthritis, back pain, sore muscles and joints.

Penatran Plus is a powerful penetrating pain relief lotion. Highly recommended by our Pharmacist.

Ark Natural products for pets are natural solutions for your pet from head to tail. Dental health, joint support and every day problem solvers.

Hot and Cold products come in gel packs in several sizes to fit almost any body part, to microwave. Therabead moist heat pack. Some of the packs come with a wrap so you can be mobile when you get your hot or cold therapy. We carry the traditional electric heating pads in 2 sizes in wet/dry or moist/dry and the hot water bottle. We also carry the traditional ice bag that you ice in with the screw cap.

Nebulizer compressor machines. We have the plug in the wall and the portable one that can be used either on battery pack or plug into the wall. We have the replacement accessory kit and mask in either adult or pediatric.

Blood Pressure Units. We carry the digital in medium and large adult sizes to fit most arms and we have the digital wrist blood pressure unit. We also carry the traditional blood pressure kit (in several patterns and colors) that you use the stethoscope to listen with. We have in stock 5 different types of stethoscope in many color choices. We have a large selection of bandage scissors, pen lights, CPR mask, goniometer, and replacement parts for the stethoscope and blood pressure units.

We are able to special order in many items. Just contact us and we will see what we can do.

We are easy to find!

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