(with Gelatin & Horsetail)

This combination of key nutrients and herbs promotes the health and growth of our hair, skin, and nails by helping to ensure that keratin, their key building block, is adequately supported. Important minerals such as zinc and manganese are provided as key to enzyme processes that construct keratin. Vitamins A and C plus bioflavonoids act as powerful antioxidants that help prevent keratin breakdown as well as support microcirculation to the nail beds, dermal layers of the skin, and hair follicles. Horsetail is an herb known to thicken and stimulate robust hair growth. And finally, gelatin is included for its well known properties of supporting nail structure. 100 Capsules.

  • Supports keratin production
  • Stimulates hair and nail growth
  • Promotes healthy skin and nail beds

Price: $25.22

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