Standardized Extract 120mg

Ginkgo is an ancient ornamental tree that also has medicinal benefits. The medicinal benefits of ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) are largely due to two groups of active compounds, the flavone glycosides and the terpene lactones. The flavone glycosides are bioflavonoids that improve circulation and have antioxidant properties as well. The terpene lactone components, known as ginkgolides and bilobalides, helps to protect cells of the nervous system and improve circulation, also. These actions in the body increase circulation in both the brain and the extremities. In addition, ginkgos antioxidant properties help to prevent free radical damage of the brain, this promoting good mental function. Also Available in Larger Size. This bottle contains 50 Capsules.

  • Improves circulation in the brain and extremities
  • Provides antioxidants, beneficial in the aging process
  • Promotes good mental function

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