Diabetic Medications

Over 17 million patients have some form of diabetes in the United States. More than half develop complications requiring medication or treatment.

Your compounding pharmacist can be an integral part of formulating and monitoring diabetic treatments, insuring that your health is maintained and side effects of the disease are minimized.

Diabetes does not have to drastically change your life. With proper management and professional advice, diabetics can control the effects and minimize the complications of the disease.

Monitoring is the Key
Physicians know that accurate monitoring is the key to maintaining a healthy body for diabetics. Careful documentation of blood sugar levels and balancing of insulin or food intake to the monitored levels is critical when treating the disease.

Often, however, diabetic supplies are simply purchased via mail-order houses or over the Internet to reduce costs. While this might save money, the patient may not receive useful advice or personal care. Inexpensive products alone do not lead to better health and effective disease management.

Personal Care
Tri-State Compounding Pharmacy can provide that very important variable. Not only can we provide expert advice, we can also provide customized treatments for common symptoms of diabetes. We can provide all creams, ointments, testing equipment, and medication along with the most important variable - expert medical advice.

Compounded Diabetic Treatments

Foot and skin conditions: Creams can be developed to minimize discomfort.

Eye problems: Liquid solutions can be created containing soothing medications to aid in sight maintenance.

Heart, liver and other diseases: Customized medication regimens can be prescribed to control difficulties and reduce risk.

Various compounded medications are available to treat the symptoms of diabetes:

Prescription products:

  • Chlorhexidine 0.2% Oral Rinse
  • Diabetic Skin Ulcer Cream
  • Gabapentin Ketoprofen Lidocaine in a Transdermal Gel
  • Ketamine HCL 10%, Gabapentin 6%, Baclofen 2%, Amitriptyline HCL 2% and Clonidine HCL 0.1% in a Transdermal Gel

Non-prescription treatments

  • Diabetic Foot Care Ointments

Get the Best Possible Care
Don't take a chance with your health. Get the care you deserve to insure a fulfilling and active life. With proper treatment and good advice, diabetes can be managed successfully and any adverse effects can be controlled.

Speak to one of our pharmacists to be sure you are getting the best possible, customized care for your diabetes.