Often, we can ask you what your preferences are for dosage forms and flavors and create a custom-made medication for you. Below are many of our options:

Dosage Forms

Oral Capsules
We can prepare different strengths of medications for people who can not tolerate the commercially available products or for pets who need a different amount of medications. Also, our capsules can be made without fillers and dyes, which patients may be allergic to or simply do not want to be taking.

Oral Liquids
Preparing medications in a liquid form allows the patient, human or pet, who can't swallow pills, to get the appropriate medicine in a vast range of flavors. Infants, children, geriatrics, and hospice patients often have this problem. Unwanted ingredients (dyes, sugar, alcohol and preservatives) can be avoided and compliance can be increased by providing much more palatable preparations with choice of multiple sweeteners (optional) and flavors. See our human and pet flavors that are available.

Topical preparations can be used for both local and systemic effects. Transdermal gels allow quick penetration to the blood stream. Topical creams are often used in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our ointment mill can prepare smooth topical treatments that do not feel gritty.

Suppositories are another way for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills to receive their medications. Vaginal and rectal preparations can be made to achieve both local and systemic effects from the medications. This route is also useful for patients who are nauseous and may vomit any oral forms of medications that they need.

Compounded Treatments
Some treatment areas where compounding is especially useful include:

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