We carry in stock a full line of Jobst compression hose. You can get moderate support (15-20mmHg), firm compression (20-30 mmHg) to extra firm compression (30-40 mmHg). They come in knee high, thigh high, and panty hose. Some styles we can get in other colors besides your basic beige. They come in open toe (great for someone who has a long foot or likes to wear sandals in the summer time) or closed toe (it is soft bubble toe and will not compress the toes.) The extra firm compression can be ordered with a zipper if needed.

We can measure for Jobst Custom compression hose where we measure every inch up your leg and have Jobst make them special to fit your legs.

We also carry Activa compression trouser socks in male or female. They come in knee high only. We have them in four sizes and many colors to match your slacks. These are great to wear while you fly or are in the car for many hours while traveling.

We carry the It Stays body adhesive to help hold your stocking up and in place. It will wash off with water and not damage the compression hose.

All compression hose can be machine washed and line dried, but it is best to hand wash each evening to get the body oils out and help the hose last longer. The compression hose should be replaced every 4 to 6 months.

We have special gloves to aid in getting your compression hose on or we have a donning device that works really well.

We are easy to find!

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