Tri-State Compounding Pharmacy and Kunkel Medical offers a full range of breast pumps and supplies for nursing moms. We offer rental as well as for sale items.

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  • For single or double pumping at around 48 cycles a minute with adjustable vacuum.
  • Includes soft sided black designer shoulder bag with separate compartments for double pumping kit and milk storage.
  • Contains collection bottles with lids, 20 triple ply collection bags, 3 cooling elements, manual pump, Purel (sample) and mother's reference sheets.
  • Conveniently pump with electrical outlet or with vehicle adapter that is included.

Since 1979, Medela, Inc. has been providing superior quality breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories to nursing mothers. Medela's parent company, Medela AG, has manufactured breast pumps in Switzerland for over 30 years. The Swiss' high standards for both product and production were brought to the United States over 15 years ago. Through the years, Medela's commitment to quality products and supportive programs has made the company the major supplier of breast pumps to health care facilities in the United States.

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