Long Acting Formula

The B-vitamins are one of our most important stress vitamins. They play a critical role in supporting good adrenal function. Our adrenal glands, which lie on the top of the kidneys, are responsible for the release of adrenaline. Adrenalin gives us the extra energy boost to escape from danger. But that adrenaline surge also makes us feel stress, nervousness, and anxiety. Research shows that levels of B-vitamins in our adrenals are depleted during times of stress. When these levels drop, we experience fatigue, headache, sleep disturbances, and GI discomfort. Sound familiar? Because our adrenal glands play a key role in the resistance of stress, it is important to supplement daily with a good B-vitamin complex. This will help us greatly to deal with daily stress. Another characteristic of the B-vitamins is that they are water soluble. This means that they are flushed out of the body rather quickly throughout our normal daily life. So it is important for all of us, stress or not, to supplement regularly with the B-vitamins. 100mg. 100 Tablets.

  • Supports adrenal function
  • Provides support during stress
  • Supports energy production

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