We carry a large selection of self-help aids to make dressing, eating, and just day to day living easier.

Dressing Aids
We carry dressing sticks to aid in getting dressed, long handle shoe horns (in plastic and metal), 3 different sock aids (Terry cloth, semi rigid and rigid) to help get your socks on without bending over, and elastic shoe laces (black or white) so no more tying the shoes. Yes, we also carry button/zipper aid to help get your zipper up and blouse buttoned.

Eating Aids
We have eating utensils with built up handles to make gripping easier and they are bendable to get an angle if needed, and weighted forks and spoons to help with the tremors. Jar opener to get those tough jars opened and food bumpers to go around the plate to help scoop the food onto your fork. We also have adult bibs with terry cloth front and rubberized backing.

Miscellaneous Aids
We carry Reacher's (grabbers) in 2 different styles and 2 different lengths (26" and 32") to allow you to pick up items from the floor without bending over and reach items from to shelves without climbing on to a step stool. Leg lifters to help lift your leg to get in and out of a car or in the bed. Lotion applicator and refills to get the lotion or creams on the hard to reach areas. Gait belts in two sizes to place around the patient's waist to help them in walking and getting up from a chair. Assorted packs of foam tubing to put on to hair brushes or toothbrushes to build up the handle to grip easier.

Hip Kits
Our hip kits include the five most needed items following hip or knee replacement surgery. It comes with a long handle sponge, dressing stick, plastic shoehorn, 26" Reacher, and rigid sock aid.

We carry the peddler exerciser (a peddler you place in front of your reclining chair and peddle or place on a table top and use your arms to work them). We carry 3 different strengths of therapy putty and 3 different strengths of exercise bands that we sell by the yard. How about an over the door pulley exerciser? Great for after shoulder surgery.

We are easy to find!

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